As long as you are moving an upright piano with no stairs involved in moving it, our moving professionals at The One Moving Laguna Beach will have no trouble moving it on your behalf. Otherwise, it might be best to hire professional piano movers.

Once our movers arrive at your location and start working, we will start charging you and stop once your move is completed entirely. We at The One Moving Laguna Beach don’t charge our clients to get to their locations or to get back from them once your move is done.

Once you give us at The One Moving Laguna Beach a call and let us know about the details of your move, our moving experts will advise you on the best moving crew for your move in order to complete it in a successful manner.

We usually don’t do one-item moves as we do have a 3h minimum charge, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be able to conduct it for you. As long as you are okay with our minimum charge, we would gladly complete your on-item move on your behalf.

Some moving companies can offer you the option of temporary or long-term storage. Unfortunately, at the moment, the capacities at The One Moving Laguna Beach are completely full.

We at The One Moving Laguna Beach send our movers  to your relocation with a truck fully stacked  with everything needed to complete it in a smooth manner including moving equipment and tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture – and this is done at no extra charge and as a part of our standard moving service.

We at The One Moving Laguna Beach offer a few packing options for you, depending on how much you need for us to pack on your behalf. To find out more about our professional packing services – give us a call and we will provide you with detailed information.

A service during which our packers and movers at The One Moving Laguna Beach will handle every single part of your move until its completion – a full pack service will relieve you from every moving task and ensure the easiest moving experience is delivered to you.

Tipping has become a part of our culture – however, you aren’t obligated to tip our movers at The One Moving Laguna Beach as they work for their paychecks. If you do wish to tip them for a job well done, you are completely free to do so.

If you want a moving experience during which you won’t have to lift a finger and can sit back and relax, hiring professional movers can be the best option as you will receive this exactly – especially when moving with The One Moving Laguna Beach.