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The ultimate moving guide! 10 tips to make your move stress-free

Moving is an overwhelming process that requires a lot of time and effort, regardless of the distance between your old and new location. There are a lot of moving tasks ahead of you that can all add a lot of stress to your move, however, you can make the process a lot easier simply by hiring reliable movers to tackle your upcoming move. Still, there are a few steps that you can take in order to make the move even easier, and ensure a pleasant moving experience before you settle in your new home, and we have gathered the 10 best ones. Take a look at them below.

1. Reserve your movers ahead of time

Once you have figured out the date on which you will be moving on, the next step you should consider taking is to give your moving company of choice a call. Let them know about the exact services you’ll be needing on your moving day and let them know about your entire relocation in detail so they can prepare for it as well.

2. The best time to declutter is now

Once you have figured out when you are moving and which moving company will be conducting your move, consider the fact that you now have the unique chance to thoroughly go through every single item you own and get rid of the ones you no longer want. Getting rid of your unwanted items before your move takes place will ease the process of packing, speed up your move and help settle into your new home with ease.

3. You need to sit down and plan your packing phase

You have reserved your movers for moving day and got rid of some of y our items, so now it is time to dive into the tedious task of packing. Make sure to make a detailed plan that includes the room you will pack first, the quantity of packing supplies you will be needing, and every other packing related detail that you can think should be implemented into this plan.

4. You’ll be needing packing supplies

You’re going to need quality supplies, and you’re probably going to need more than you think you do, as most people tend to underestimate the number of items they own. Purchase boxes, bubble wrap, dish packs and every other supply you think will be of use during packing.

5. Make a complex list of items

Having a list of items during your move will maximize the chances that your belongings won’t get lost or forgotten during the process. It will also help out when unpacking your items and ensuring that everything is in perfect place when you settle into your new home. Make sure to also provide your moving company with your list of items as well.

6. Pack efficiently and effectively

Instead of packing without any order, start with the rooms you use the least and progress to the ones you use the most. Make sure to leave your most used items unpacked until the night before your move, and leave out essentials such as documents, medication and a change of clothes to keep by your side even during the moving process.

7. Your boxes need a label

Instead of being vague, make sure to label your boxes with the rooms and the contents of it, as doing this in detail can make the world of a difference during your move and during the unpacking process. Not only will this help your movers out with which box is going into which room, but it will also speed up your unpacking process once you have settled into your new home and started going through your boxes.

8. Empty your heavy items before your movers arrive

You might be feeling tempted to leave your dresser full of clothing for your movers to move as it is. Most reliable moving companies will advise you not to do this, because it will not only add weight to your already heavy furniture, but it will slow down the moving process making it a lot more expensive. We always want to provide our clients with an efficient and effective service.

9. Cancel and set up your utilities

Give your internet, cable, gas, and electricity providers a call at least a week before your move to determine when you’ll be needing to shut everything off. Keep in mind that you should do the same thing for your new place as well, to ensure everything is up and running once you’ve moved everything into your new home.

10. Unpack box by box

Instead of unpacking every box you have just moved and living in chaos for weeks, unpack one by one and place its contents where they are supposed to go. It will be much less stressful that way.

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